Hole.io Unblocked

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  • Description
    • Hole Io is one of those funny games that most people don't take too seriously but anyway the game is pretty addictive and interesting. It is a unique mixture of funny action with a pretty interesting strategy game where you play as a hole which has to eat objects to grow bigger and stronger. Before you start playing Hole Io game let me tell you that even though that most people think that here you play against real players, this is not true. In this game you play against Ai Bots that seem rather smart and can give you a really interesting experience. So, at the beginning of the game your hole is rather small and can't eat big objects. The good news is that your opponents are also small and can't kill you.

      The best strategy is to start eating small objects very fast because their number is limited and all small players will rush to them at the beginning of the round. If you are fast enough, your hole becomes bigger and now it can eat bigger objects. The idea of the game is to make the whole so big that it can eat building and even the whole town. In Hole Io Unblocked you can also eat opponent players if they are smaller than you. Just make your hole completely cover their hole so you can eat them and get a lot of bonus points. The game offers a lot of interesting skins and upgrades but all of them are locked at the beginning of the game so you will have to gain some xp to unlock them. The game is rather simple and does not require any additional software to play it. Just open our website in your browser and enjoy the full version of Hole.io for free whenever you want.

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