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  • Description
    • 1v1 Lol is a popular multiplayer game where your mission is to kill all opponents to win the round. In fact, it is a mixture of a building game with shooter where your character can build different platforms to make a better place to hide or attack. If you have never played any platform-building games before, you will have difficulties with building them fast but skillful player can run and build a complex platform at the same time. At the beginning of the game you will have to choose your game mode - 1v1 lol is available in 1vs1 mode as well as 2vs2,4vs4 and battle royale modes. In Vs modes, you have to kill all enemies to win the game. In Battle Royale mode you have to become the last man alive to succeed. Many people don't know the best strategy how to succeed in the 1v1 Lol game - they just build platforms hiding inside them or just take the guns and try to kill enemies. As for me, the best way to win the game is to build a high platform and then jump on your opponent when he is not prepared. The game has also a building simulator where you can just practice building platforms and don't have to worry about guns and enemies.

      1v1 Lol Unblocked offers you rather good selection of weapons and all of them are available at the beginning of the game. You can even get a Sniper Rifle to kill enemies at long-distance battles. At close range battles you should use shotgun. Keep in mind that bullets can break the platforms to if you want to make your enemy fall down just hit the platform under him. There are a lot of different strategies but I am sure that everyone will make their own style how to achieve success in this game. One thing that you should keep in mind is that you must always have an eye on your opponent because he can attack you when you are less prepared. Enjoy the full version of the 1v1 lol unblocked at school for free.

      Game Controls

      [Z][X][C][V][Y]-switch building platforms
      [F][1][2]-switch weapons
      [R]-rotate stair/reload
      [G]-make door on platforms
      [E]-open doors

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