Unblocked Io Games

As you might know, the Flash games are dead and now it is time for huge popularity of io games. Even though that those game were created few years ago, the number of active players was growing every month and today more than a million of people play them every day. There are several reasons of such popularity :

1. You don't need to install any additional software to play the io games. All you need is a browser and internet connection.
2. Most of the io games have massive multiplayer mode and this means that you can play with hundreds of real players all around the world. Some of the game have also a communication channel such as in-game chat so you can talk to the players.
3.The games are constantly updating and give users ability to customize. All you need to do is to register a free account and store the gaming progress there. You can access it simply by entering your username and password on all devices including smartphones and tablets.
4. Io Games are absolutely free. Even though that some of them also provide some special perks which can be bough by money, most of the features are free by default.
5. The variety of game modes in modern io games make them very interesting and addictive. Most of them offer you deathmatch, steal the flag, zombie infect, platform building and even battle royale mode. The games are divided into different categories such as shooters,battle royale games, strategy and others.

At our website you can access all io games for free. Keep in mind that some of the games may be blocked on some networks, so we provide new technology of unblocking the games everywhere, including schools and workplaces. At Unblockedio.com you can play the most interesting and most addictive io games unblocked for free so take your time and enjoy them right now.